Walking around the traditional city with Japanese traditional costume

For a special girl’s party, a dating... usual sight will become special

With your precious family and unforgettable memory... please spend a special day

You can put on Kimono with a lecture,
so you can start wearing
Kimono without buying anything! Rental is the best for your first step

Kimono is cute but...
It looks expensive, and I don’t have it and don’t know how to put on it
I’ve worn the kimono at the coming-age ceremony, but I’ve never imagined that I wear it in my daily life.
My next opportunity to wear kimono will be a wedding party, but I might wear a dress

....But Wait! Don’t let your dreams be dreams!

MATCHA GARDEN KIMONO welcomes you with silk kimono matching with the castle town Matsumoto.
We have kimono with traditional patterns, modern patterns, and stylish Pongee, so you can find your favorite one.
Since our kimono style is making Otaiko with Nagoya obi-belt, you can also enjoy the time to choose your outfit.

Enjoy your first kimono with “real” one!
We have all things to put on kimono, so you come empty-handed.
Enjoy walking around the city with your friends, partners, and families!

Even though you like coffee better, sometimes have a special time with matcha and be relaxed.

Because all of our kimono are made from silk and obi-belt are Nagoya obi-belt, we don’t have additional charge for upgrade.
We must use Obiage and Obijime, so the price is fixed regardless of whichever you choose.
Moreover, you can use following items for free when you go out wearing kimono.

No additional charge 有料オプション
short coats and stole for cold weather Putting on Kimono during non-business hours
kimono raincoat for rainy day Putting on Kimono at your house (or other places)
hair ornaments Return kimono on the following day
kimono bags Return at a hotel
Luggage Storage Kimono lessons

< Promise of MATCHA GARDEN >

We do not use kimono made from synthetic fibers.
We do not use half width obi-belt for Yukata.

We lend silk kimono and Nagoya obi-belt as we use as usual.
So no one realize that you are in rental kimono when you go out with our kimono.
Enjoy your first kimono with a “real” one!
In summer, you can choose summer kimono or yukata.
※We use half width obi-belt for Yukata. Your shoes are Geta. (Japanese traditional shoes)

Todoroki Bldg West 2F Chuo 2-3-20 Matsumoto city
Nagano, JAPAN 390-0811
長野県松本市中央2-3-20 等々力ビル2F
OPEN 11:00
CLOSE 18:00
L.O. 17:30