You can enjoy “real” matcha casually

A new way to enjoy “real” matcha

Use a plenty of matcha in every menu

Sometimes be relaxed with not coffee but matcha

I like matcha taste but...
I’ve never drunk Matcha
I don’t know any rules of tea party, and I’ve never been there.
I don’t know when and where the tea party is held...

But Wait! Do not hesitate!

In MATCHA GARDEN, you can enjoy “real” matcha casually at the café.
You can make matcha by yourself on Japanese-modern tables and chairs, and it is very popular with it’s taste and amusement.

You can make matcha as you like without anxiety, anyone can enjoy casually.
We can teach you how to make matcha, so you can make delicious matcha even though it is your first time.

Moreover, we recommend new ways to enjoy matcha...
we have matcha drinks, desserts,
and food. We are very looking forward to meeting you.

Even though you like coffee better, sometimes have a special time with matcha and be relaxed.

matcha drinks (hot/ cold)

Hojicha drinks (hot/cold)

Other Drinks (hot/ cold)

Coffee / Juice

Seasonal Drinks

Matcha Set (hot / cold)
Matcha and Japanese sweets / You can choose matcha bowl

Self-made Matcha Set (hot)
Matcha and Japanese sweets / You can choose matcha bowl

Matcha Sweets

Matcha Fondue

Matcha Parfait

Matcha Affogato

Matcha Warabi Mochi

Matcha Zenzai

Matcha Shaved Ice

Seasonal Sweets 

Matcha Zuke

Matcha Udon

Matcha Toast

Matcha Granola

Seasonal Matcha Food

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